for August, 2017

2017 CURT Owners Study: Defining Project Excellence

Posted on August 15, 2017 in Owners - 0

This year’s CURT (Construction Users Roundtable) national conference was centered around a simple idea: excellence in total project performance. But like any great idea, bringing it to life can be far from simple.

Our annual owners study seeks to outline the path and figure out how great owners have already made progress. This year’s study explores the key ingredients of project excellence and how to bring it to life.

We start with a core question: what is project excellence?

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2017 CURT Owner Trends Study | Study Results

Posted on August 7, 2017 in Owners - 0

The 2017 Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Owner Trends Study – a collaboration between CURT and Continuum Advisory Group – focuses on excellence in total project performance in the capital construction industry. In this video, Gretchen Gagel goes over the study results.

Data was gleaned from dozens of owners, A/E/C partners, and industry professionals, and further refined during two roundtable discussions at the CURT 2017 National Conference in Chandler, AZ. The 28 capital asset owner participants included General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, the US General Services Administration (GSA) and other public and private international companies in multiple industries.

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