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Groundbreaking Women in Construction – A Follow Up

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GWIC_TigheWhat a thrill to speak at the ENR/McGraw-Hill Groundbreaking Women in Construction (GWIC) conference in New York City this month. The audience, comprised of 350 passionate women in our industry, spent the day listening to amazing speakers and networking among themselves. It was a very positive day focused upon specific strategies and tactics to build the pipeline of women in design, engineering and construction.

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2014 Burns School RECM 75th Anniversary Gala

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Advancing the business of the built environment… one student at a time.

Invite Evite Burns May 30cropContinuum Advisory Group was a proud sponsor of the 75th Anniversary Gala for the Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver where new leader Dr. Barbara Jackson unveiled her vision of the future of the school.  Dr. Jackson, well respected veteran of our industry and proponent of greater collaboration, is creating a new revolutionary vision for the school where students will learn all aspects of the “built environment”, from real estate development, through project delivery and including facilities maintenance.  Dr. Jackson and her team have set a goal to “produce graduates who are prepared for an industry that has changeFinal- Life Cycle of BE 11.1.2013d dramatically in the years since the 2008 recession.” Innovative new degrees include a one-year masters in Integrated Project Delivery.

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New Interstate Transmission Line Could Dampen Interest in Fracking in North Carolina

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Gas-Drill-Fracking1The potential for the use of hydraulic fracturing as a technique to purse shale oil/gas in North Carolina has received lots of attention and recent legislation proposed by the state government might ease the path to using this technique that is currently outlawed.  Two local papers, The Raleigh News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer, have been following this topic.  In preparation of a recent article, I completed a series of interviews with the author, John Murawski. 

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Groundbreaking Women In Construction

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gwic_408x180I’m thrilled to be speaking at the ENR Groundbreaking Women In Construction Conference in New York City on June 12th as part of an amazing panel on Women’s Advancement Across Industries: How Construction Stacks Up. Fellow panelists include Anna Beninger, a Senior Associate with Catalyst and Deborah M. DeBernardVice President and General Manager for Contract Documents, American Institute of Architects, and our moderator is Cathi HayesBIM Business Manager, Leica Geosystems. We will all be sharing our experiences as veterans of the design, engineering and construction industries, and will specifically share thoughts on how we’ve carved out successful careers as women leaders.

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